20 hair-raising supernatural images

There are people who shudder at the thought of supernatural cases and strongly believe they exist. Other people despise and have no faith that ghosts and lost souls may be with us. The truth is, no one knows what happens when we die, where our spirit goes, and all that.

But today, it is possible to use technology to our advantage in such cases as well. Various images and recordings have been made recording these mysteries. We have separated 20 of them that show the appearance of ghosts and spirits bound to Earth. It's up to you to decide whether to believe it or not!

1 - The spiral staircase

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

Knocking doors, childlike voices singing, and many footsteps can be heard in the Queen's House section at the Greenwich Maritime Museum in England. Some museum visitors reportedly reported that invisible fingers tried to crush them during the visit.

Reverend Ralph Hardy was taking a picture of the museum's spiral staircase in 1966 when he captured that image. Experts analyzed the original negative and found that it had not been tampered with or manipulated in any way.

Several apparitions have been seen on other occasions. One of them seems to be wiping blood from the bottom of the stairs. The historians' version is that 300 years ago a maid was thrown down the stairs, resulting in her death, which could explain the ghost of cleanliness.

2 - The ghost at the altar

Image Source: Reproduction / R7.com

This photo was taken in 1960 by Father KF Lord. When photographing the altar of his church in England, he did not expect what he would see: an image of a hooded spirit standing down the stairs.

3 - The ghost in the back seat

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

The English Mabel Chinnery was never so scared to look at a photograph. In 1959, she went to visit her mother's grave. Her husband declined to enter the cemetery and waited alone in the car. On the way back, she took a picture of her husband and sent the film to reveal.

When he received the revealed photos, he almost had a heart attack. The husband was not alone in the picture. There was a person in the back seat, someone wearing sunglasses. Mabel immediately recognized the person: it was her mother whose grave she had just visited.

The photograph was taken to an expert, who risked his reputation by claiming that the image is legitimate. According to him, the woman who appears in the image is not the result of reflection or double exposure.

4 - The shape of the arms factory

Image Source: Playback / Zone 33

People passing an abandoned gun factory in Bridgeport, USA, claim to hear a lot of shouts, moans and clattering currents within the building. A local resident took the image and after that no one can pass in front of the place.

5 - The ghostly penitentiary

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

When the Ghost Hunters TV crew visited the historic Philadelphia State penitentiary, they could all visibly notice a figure that came running toward the camera, then turned and ran back. Doubt? Check out the video.

6 - Silhouettes

Image Source: Reproduction / Supernatural.org

In Missouri, USA, there is a place known as Zombie Road. People often report that they hear sounds coming from the place, and many have seen apparitions there. A group of investigators came to the scene, took several photographs, did several tests and found nothing.

It was then that they were amazed to receive the revealed photographs. One of them showed several silhouettes near a river. However, there was no one in place except the investigation team. Note that there is no reflection in the water.

7 - The Toy Store Ghost

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

In Sunnyvale, California, there is a toy store called The Toys `R` Us. The establishment is home to a spirit named John - notice that he is leaning against the wall with his hands in his pocket. Everyone in the room said there was no one at the time the picture was taken.

Sensitives made several visits to the store and discovered John's story: He was a rancher who lived exactly on the ground where the store is located and would have died because he bled to death while cutting wood.

Store employees say John plays tricks on customers, such as turning on the store's water taps, tossing dolls off the shelves, or whispering employee names in their ears, just to see them turn around and realize there's no one around. .

8 - The demon in the hospital

Image Source: Reproduction / Haunted.com

This picture was taken from the viewing monitor of a nursing staff. In it appears a black creature on top of the patient who died a few hours after the photo was taken.

9 - Grandpa's Ghost

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

Denise Russell's grandmother lived independently until she was 90 and loved to go out and have fun with her family. It was during a picnic in 1997 that Denise took this picture of her grandmother. A short time later, you died.

Three years later, the family took the photograph and then noticed the man standing. They acknowledged to be none other than Denise's grandfather, who had been killed in 1984. Old photos of you confirmed the suspicion.

10 - The white figure on the stairs

Image Source: Reproduction / Haunted.com

1929. Mr. Walsh was renovating his house and needed to take a photograph of the stairs for his project. There was no one with him except his dog, who was agitated and different that day.

When he received the photograph, the man was startled: there was a white figure at the top of the stairs. Mr Walsh died 14 years later ensuring that the image is original.

11 - The Lady of Raynham Hall

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

This is perhaps the best known phantasmagoric image of all time, and no one to date has denied its authenticity. This picture was taken by Captain Provand and Indre Shira in 1936.

Photographers visited Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England, to take photos for Country Life magazine when they saw the apparition: the lady of the house, Lady Dorothy Townsend, coming down the stairs. Both were petrified and only then managed to raise the camera to take this famous photograph.

12 - The grandmother and the granddaughter

Image Source: Reproduction / Haunted.com

This image is recent and shows the grandmother who came out in the photograph with her granddaughter. That would be normal if you had not died in 1990. The fact happened in the state of Rhode Island and experts have assured that the image is not montage and was taken from the phone of the girl named Penny, just two years old.

Note that the lady's clothing is the same in both photographs.

13 - The baby in the cemetery

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

Mrs. Andrews's daughter died when she was 17 years old. A year later, the woman still went to the cemetery every day to take care of her daughter's tombstone. This picture was taken in 1946 and when the film was unveiled, you were shocked to see the image of a little girl looking at the camera.

She noted that the child did not look like her daughter when she was a baby, nor were there any children in the cemetery that day. Years later, the paranormal investigator Tony Healy investigated the case and found the tomb of two girls next to the tomb of Mrs. Andrews' daughter - one of which would appear in the picture.

14 - Magnolia

Image Source: Reproduction / Haunted.com

This photo is Brazilian and was registered in the state of PiauĂ­. A judge in Altos decided to take a self-portrait and was startled to see in the background the image of a woman. She would be Magnolia, one of the founders of the Paulo de Tarsus Spiritist Center in downtown Teresina.

Magnolia is known for always working on social causes and even after her death she continues to help people and souls who need help.

15 - Mount Washington Hotel

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

The Mount Washington Resort in Carroll, New Hampshire, opened in 1902 and is reportedly home to many spirits. The best known of these is the ghost of a princess who stays in the hotel every summer, always in the same suite, and her bed remains in room 314 to this day.

Ghost Hunters' paranormal investigation team conducted an investigation into the hotel and produced one of the most incredible proofs of spiritual manifestation. In an audio clip made inside the famous Princess Suite, Jay and Grant asked, "Princess, are you here?" and the answer was immediate: "Of course I'm here. Where are you?"

16 - The Ghost in Cell Phone Image

Image Source: Reproduction / The Sun

The following video is, according to expert Julian Banks of the British Society of Paranormality, "one of the best images ever taken of a ghost." It was released by the English tabloid The Sun.

The images were taken by a 12-year-old boy at his home in Birmingham, England. In it, we can see perfectly a black figure walking the corridors of the residence.

17 - The boy's ghost on the farm

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

Photographer Neil Sandbach was taking pictures around a farm in Hertfordshire, England, when he captured this image. When Sandbach looked at the picture later, he could not believe what his eyes were seeing and was absolutely certain that there were no boys around the farm that day.

He later asked the landowners if any of them had any supernatural experiences there, but did not mention the photo. The farmers confirmed that they had witnessed the ghost of a boy in white clothing many times before.

18 - The Devil in the Shape of a Dog

Image Source: Reproduction / Haunted.com

Anyone who likes the subject has probably seen this picture on the internet and it always causes fear. We can clearly see the image of a dog above Joe Martinez's shoulder. But, according to the man, there were no dogs in the place, as it was a birthday reception. Joe and his wife believe it is the devil himself who appears in the photograph.

The image has been studied by experts, and while they have said that most photographs of the type are easily explained, in this particular case there is nothing that claims to be montage as the grain is uniform.

19 - A message after the accident

Image Source: Playback / Oddee

One night in Oklahoma, there were three fatal car crashes that killed several people. The wrecked vehicles were taken to a local yard and officials there witnessed something startling on their surveillance cameras: a white figure moving around the wrecked cars.

Family members of one of the accident victims were certain that the figure was their loved one trying to leave a message.

20 - The spectrum in the forest

Image Source: Reproduction / Haunted.com

Allegheny National Forest & Kinzua Sky Walk is located in northwestern Pennsylvania and holds many secrets - many of them scary!

A camera was left there to be activated automatically by some animal, in which case a deer activated the camera. But to everyone's surprise, as they checked the photograph there was a spectrum, a figure seeming to scream. To be afraid of!


Scary! And this is a small sample of what we can find out there in all the media. Of course, not all cases may be real, but some of them are totally unexplained. Do you know of any supernatural cases recorded in images not told here? Show us!