20 places with free WiFi in Sao Paulo

One of the greatest happinesses of the contemporary man is to have free WiFi, whether for work, surfing social networks, spending time while waiting for his friend who is always late to arrive and even enjoy a good online game when you're with leisure.

Some sites are concerned about offering free internet to their visitors; Just ask the WiFi password or register in some kind of system so that the internet is released for browsing. There is also the option of free WiFi, which is just the user to connect in an open network and ready.

Fortunately, many locations offer free internet in the city of Sao Paulo, including public places, libraries, cafes, and even coworking spaces. We have separated 20 places for all types of people to enjoy free WiFi and not leave anyone on hand when you need it.

Public squares with free WiFi

Currently, the city hall of São Paulo has the program Free WiFi, which provides free access to various public places in the city, to which anyone can connect without any kind of bureaucracy. According to the project advisory, the 96 districts of the capital already have free access points.

The offer of free wireless internet was one of the campaign promises of the current municipal government, with a total of 120 points in all areas of the city, distributed in squares and other public places. So it is not uncommon for us to find several people in the company of their cell phones in many of the city's public squares.

Free WiFi SP: On the project's official website you can find all free WiFi spots in public squares and places in all regions of Sao Paulo.

Free wifi libraries

For those who want to connect, whether for study, research or just a quiet place to read, there are several libraries that offer free WiFi. These are places where many students look at studies for hours, and the free internet comes to help with their research possibilities that complement paper editions.

Thanks to this kind of initiative, libraries have come out of obsolescence to become points where we can again find many users. Depending on the time, it is necessary to arrive early to reserve a seat at the crowded library tables.

Sao Paulo Library

Carandiru's former prison gave way to a park with a library. It is close to Carandiru subway station and has a bike rack.

Mário de Andrade Library

Located in the city center, the Mário de Andrade Library is open 24 hours and has one of the largest book collections in São Paulo.

São Paulo Cultural Center

CCSP is one of the public spaces that won free internet with the WiFi Free SP program. This cultural center is next to Vergueiro subway station.

Shopping centers with free WiFi

São Paulo is also known for its variety of shopping centers, and some offer free internet upon registration in the system. So when strolling, taking a break between shopping, checking out trends or meeting friends, take advantage of the free internet networks at some of the city's major malls.

Shopping Iguatemi Sao Paulo

One of the best known malls in São Paulo, is located at Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima.

Morumbi Shopping

With about 480 stores, Morumbi Shopping is close to Berrini.

Villa-Lobos Mall

Located in one of the most noble regions of São Paulo, Shopping Villa-Lobos is in Alto de Pinheiros.

Shopping Anália Franco

With free WiFi throughout the mall, it is located in Jardim Anália Franco, near the Tatuapé and Vila Formosa neighborhoods.

Bourbon Shopping

With several shops, cinemas and theater, Bourbon Shopping is one of the attractions of the Pompeii neighborhood.

Shopping Mooca

Shopping Mooca offers free internet on floors L1 and L2. It is located in Mooca, very close to Ipiranga train station.

Shopping Vila Olímpia

In the heart of Vila Olímpia, this mall has a multitude of shops, attractions and gastronomic varieties.

Free WiFi Cafes

For those who don't want to have a nice atmosphere with delicious snacks and a good coffee, there are several free WiFi cafés scattered around the city. These venues are ideal for a break, a date or even a business meeting.

Octavio Coffee

A hot spot for business meetings in Itaim Bibi, Octávio Café has a beautiful structure, comfort and a delicious menu.

Holy Grain

With units at Oscar Freire, Vila Madalena, Higienopolis, Itaim, Moema, Morumbi and Garden City, Santo Grão is a pleasant cafeteria with free WiFi.

Dona Vitamina

It is in Pinheiros, inside the Quitanda supermarket. This place is a great choice for breakfast and a healthy snack.

Coffee Couch

Despite being located near Brigadeiro Faria Lima, the Café Café is a quiet (except for lunch) and cozy place where you can enjoy alone or with friends upstairs, where there is a communal table.

Despite being located near Brigadeiro Faria Lima, the Café Café is a quiet (except for lunch) and cozy place where you can enjoy alone or with friends upstairs, where there is a communal table.

Oscar Café

Not coincidentally, this coffee shop is located at Oscar Freire. Enjoy a delicious dessert while using Oscar Café's free WiFi.

Collaborative workspaces

Those who live in São Paulo know that the city does not stop when it comes to innovation. Collaborative work spaces have gained traction in the world's great cities by providing a comfortable environment that can accommodate large numbers of people who come together every day to study, do research, and who do not have a physical place to work.

Also known as coworking, these collaborative spaces are good opportunities to meet people full of new ideas and innovative projects.

FIAP Coworking

Space granted by Fiap in partnership with Singularity University, this space on Paulista Avenue has already won Spark Awards in the coworking category.

São Paulo Campus

A Google initiative that works in Paraíso, Campus São Paulo is a free coworking space with free WiFi.

Le Pain Quotidien

Actually, this is not a coworking space, but it works very well as one. Le Pain Quitidiein works in Vila Madalena and besides having that good smell of fresh bread is a great place for meetings.

São Paulo School

For those who like busy environments, the São Paulo School offers a space with cafes, books and free internet network. It's on Augusta Street.

Do you know any place that could not be off our list? Share with us.

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