9 reasons to keep an eye on the Paralympics

Only 15 days until the start of the Paralympics and you still don't know the competition or the athletes very well? No problem! Enjoy that our country is hosting this event to honor our athletes, whether in person, in Rio de Janeiro, or even the small screen - and making many wonderful memes, thank you!

Check out 9 reasons why you can't miss the Paralympics:

1. Four years ago, in London, Brazil made history in the games: 43 medals won with a lot of claw! For this year, the forecast is even better, that is, we have many reasons to celebrate

Only 15 days left until the Paralympics

2. If at the Rio Olympics we did well and could see our athletes at the top of the podium with 7 gold medals, at the 2012 Paralympics that result was three times better: 21 gold medals

It's going to be beautiful!

3. With the largest delegation in the history of Brazil in the games, 279 athletes, the chances of moving up to fifth place in the medal table

How many medals will Brazil win?

4. For fans of athletics, there will be victories to shout: the expectation is to take between 11 and 14 medals in the sport.

Athletics can take more than 10 medals

5. Forget Michael Phelps: in swimming our biggest medalist is Daniel Dias, who has had 15 great achievements and promises a new victory in Rio de Janeiro

Daniel Dias

6. There will be a lot of women shining too! Open your heart to sprinter Terezinha Guilhermina, a three-time Paralympic champion, eight-time World Champion and nine-time Paralympic Champion.

Terezinha Guilhermina

7. It's your chance to meet new sports such as goalball, developed exclusively for visually impaired athletes.


8. You will be amazed by the countless amazing stories of overcoming - you can be sure, several will be featured here at Mega Curioso.


9. Until this week, only 12% of tickets have been sold. It would be a shame if these athletes who had prepared so much for the Games had no audience to honor them. Tickets start at $ 10 and there is even a half student ticket! You can't miss it!

Let's honor and cheer!