The Most Bizarre Way To Show Body Functioning To Children

With a giant and somewhat disturbing model, the theater group Snuff Puppets teaches children about how the human body works. Divided into four acts, the play entitled “Everybody” shows from the birth of a human being to its basic activities such as excretion. All this is demonstrated by parts of the doll that come loose during the presentation and reach the audience.

See some scenes:

1. Right away, we already see the character being hit by a giant brick and saying goodbye to this life.

2. The play also features the birth of a child by natural childbirth.

3. The baby is already crawling in search of the giant squirting breast

4. Even a heart leaves the body to dance with the audience

5. The poor pig can't escape the fearsome mouth - even because she literally goes after him!

6. And after a meal of this size, what happens?

7. At the end of the play, the organs are all mixed dancing, illuminated by a frantic light and cheering on the spectators.

Watch the video: