Artist creates game-inspired canvases and the result is impressive

There are plenty of really cool examples of artists who have decided to re-read iconic characters or famous games - and we at Mega Curioso already share a lot of them here. However, we come across the work of a Russian who, rather than recreating pictures and scenes through image editors with his personal touch, decided to paint elaborate canvases whose visual result is astonishing.

According to the folks at Twisted Sifter, the artist's name is Nikolay Lobzov and, although he is also dedicated to digital arts, the Russian chose to pay tribute to his favorite games - including Soul Calibur, Halo and Half. -Life 2 - through brush strokes on canvas, and its "simple" tribute is impressive. Check out:

1 - Soul Calibur

Soul calibur

(Nikolay Lobzov)

2 - Half-Life 2: Episode 2

Half Life 2

(Nikolay Lobzov)

3 - Halo


(Nikolay Lobzov)

4 - City-17, Half-Life 2

City 17

(Nikolay Lobzov)

5 - John-117 "Master Chief" by Halo

Master chief

(Nikolay Lobzov)


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