Ukrainian artist impresses with her delicate glass paintings

Beyond viral memes and videos, the internet is also a place to meet new artists and enjoy special works from different parts of the world, especially music, drawing and painting.

The glass paintings by the Ukrainian painter Vita are part of the works worth knowing. The artist, resident in the capital city of Kiev, says she has never studied painting formally. At first, he painted only for fun with his sister. The hobby arose in childhood and lasted over time.

Painting on glasses made by ukrainian artist. (Source: Bored Panda / Reproduction)

One day while still a student, the painter discovered the art of glass painting and became interested in the practice. She bought the necessary materials and made a painting, which did not satisfy her.

Decided, the painter did not get discouraged and kept trying to perfect her glass paintings. For six years painting, it is difficult to deny the level of beauty that his works have achieved.


His motives are inspired by nature. Birds, butterflies, flowers and dogs are among the pictured figures. Another reason the artist explores in her paintings is the sky. Still, there are more abstract paintings that do not lose on beauty, given the artist's ability to explore the relationship between color and light.

The paintings decorate cups and teapots, cups and glasses, all made of glass. You can find the artist's work for sale on the internet.