Buy from China: What are the best import stores?

China is a giant producer and has online stores that make millions every year. However, in Brazil there is still some reluctance of the population to buy on these sites because some people are afraid of being deceived and the products do not arrive, or are not of quality.

Make no mistake, it is very safe to buy from these online stores, not to mention that the products are of good quality. In addition to these benefits, undoubtedly what stands out most are the prices well below in comparison with the Brazilian market. To end this fear of Chinese stores, we decided to list some of the most famous sites for those who like to shop online and save a lot.


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The AliExpress e-commerce site is undoubtedly the most famous of which we will talk about here. Belonging to Alibaba Group, which today is the leading retailer in China. The online platform started in 2010, slowly catching the attention of people around the world for selling it all at a very cheap price. As might be expected, success was inevitable. Today, the company is consolidated in the market and buying through the site is very safe. Even on their website, they claim that they guarantee consumer protection “from click to delivery”.

In a marketing move and even to bring more security to the Brazilian consumer, AliExpress has inaugurated in Curitiba a physical store, in which the buyer can use the totems to place the order and wait for the product to arrive at his home. The project was a company test and lasted 30 days. All of this shows how the Chinese giant has endeavored to embrace audiences from various regions, providing safety and practicality for everyone to leave satisfied.

To further increase its sales, the platform created the Chinese Black Friday, which takes place every November 11th. On that date enjoy, as the trend is that the products are at extremely cheap prices.

Best AliExpress Products

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 4
  • Xiaomi Redmi AirDots


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The company gained ground thanks to the open market through the AliExpress platform. Like its competitor, GearBest also sells thousands of product types and is famous for providing free delivery of products worldwide.

The retail platform also has a consumer protection policy, ensuring the return of the buyer's money within 45 days, and has, for some products, the possibility of repair and replacement of the goods.

With an eye on the Brazilian market, the platform has been investing in deposits in Brazil to facilitate the process, reducing waiting time and enabling delivery with free shipping.

Best Gearbest Products

  • Alfawise Fully Wireless Headset
  • Xiaomi Amazfit Beep
  • Xiaomi Amazfit Pace


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One more that came on the wave generated by AliExpress. The Banggood platform has been operating for over 10 years and has been very attentive to the public's security needs. The Chinese retailer is committed to strict quality control of products, with review and inspection of the goods. In addition, feedback from users is monitored. Another tight control is on suppliers, which must be trusted within the standards set by the company. Thus, the tendency is that the products have high quality.

Like other Chinese giants, Banggood comes with great prices. This is because they do not work with intermediaries, thus being able to greatly reduce the final value of the product. Another plus point is the various warranties offered, ranging from a comprehensive return policy to warranties for damaged or broken items.

Best Banggood Products

  • Blitzwolf BW-FYE5, Fully Wireless Headset
  • Cheap Xiaomi Headset
  • Very cheap drone from Eachine

Now that you know a little more about the top Chinese e-commerce stores available on the market, it's time to take a look at what's interesting there. One thing we can guarantee: you will spend hours choosing your next purchase.

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