There is a very simple way to know if your house is infested with cockroaches.

Against cockroaches, there are no arguments, and the fact is that, no matter how disgusting these pets are, they are more present in our lives than we would have liked, and sometimes that means your home may have become a real nest. of cockroaches.

Finding a cockroach at home is no longer pleasant, we know, but it can happen, we know too. The question is, how do you find out if you are living in a house infested with these filthy bugs? Do you know?

Fortunately, there is a very simple way to find an answer to this question, but it involves getting very close to the cockroach and examining its size. It turns out that big, long cockroaches (yuck!) Tend to be street roaches that are just taking a walk around your house.

On the other hand, if the cockroach is small, then it may be that it may be accompanied by many friends, and maybe it's time for you to think about making a good pest in your coffee shop.

What a disgusting thing!


Not that you have to take a ruler to measure the size of the cockroach you just killed or get off the ground, but you can get a good idea just by watching; if she is less than three centimeters, her chills may be sensing a major "baratal" invasion.

Keep in mind that this tip is generally efficient, which means that a long cockroach may not always be alone, but the most common in terms of infestation is that they are the smallest. Larger cockroaches also cause infestation, but in smaller quantities and when the weather is very hot.

To keep your head even more relaxed, it is best to seek help from specialists, make an assessment of your home and see if you need to perform a dedetization. We know this is hard work, but it's the only reliable way to check what's going on in the underworld of your home. This is it.


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