Black cat and bad luck: understand how superstition came about

Who has black cat has heard about redoubling the care of the feline at the time of Halloween. True or not, it is quite common for pussies to be used as superstition symbols and to carry fame of negative energy pole. The problem is when it comes to fruition and goes to violence against the animal as a way to "prevent" the danger, even if it is only imaginary.

Over time, several myths have emerged about black cats. In the Middle Ages, animals were believed to be transformed witches, which led to great persecution of felines. According to some historians, Pope Gregory IX went beyond belief: he decreed that cats were the devil's own incarnation. The hunt for animals took such a large proportion that, without cats to eliminate mice, thousands of Europeans died of the Black Plague, a disease transmitted by rodents.

(Source: Pixabay)


Even after centuries and makeovers in history, the bad reputation of black cats continues. There are people who cross the street if such a pussy comes along, or worse, punish the animal for allegedly carrying this negativity and use them in rituals. The fact is that animals are beaten, poisoned and exposed to other types of maltreatment based solely on superstitions. However, unlike the Middle Ages and the belief of some, mistreating animals characterizes an environmental crime provided for in Article 32, with a fine and imprisonment of three months to one year.

Therefore, the color of the fur does not indicate a predisposition to disease, nor anything scientifically proven negative. Even in ancient Egypt, cats were considered gods by the local people and, in addition to having numerous sculptures in their honor, were prohibited from being exported to other countries.