Illustrator reveals who is behind famous characters

Once again, artist Alex Solis plays with famous pop culture characters and transforms them in unimaginable ways. We've already shown what the cartoon characters would look like with a few extra pounds, and now it's time to see who is behind the "masks" of their favorite characters!

1. Garfield is Grumpy Cat. We note that the bad mood is the same

2. Just like the irritation of these ducks here!

3. Homer Simpson is Peter Griffin

4. Beasts

5. The real culprit for all that cold in Frozen: Sub-Zero

6. The true face of Batman

7. Go, Pokebola!

8. I knew this bird had bigger plans!

9. Barneys

10. Be careful! They are nervous

11. This is responsible for the powers of Flash!

12. Poor Aquaman

13. I think someone didn't like the bike ride and decided to go back ...

14. Truth

* Posted on 5/10/2015