Fear: 9 Macabre and Ghostly Legends About Disney Parks

Almost everyone who goes to the Disney World parks comes back full of stories about how the place has a magical aura, full of the nostalgia of our childhoods and a joy that cannot be very well explained in words. However, magical powers are often synonymous with far darker things than toys and fun, and Mickey Mouse's creator parks could not be an exception.

Here are some of the urban legends, haunts, and macabre accounts made by staff working in the Magic World for many years. You'll find that there are many more terrifying things out there than the haunted house toy or the tower of terror.

1 - Let's play?

One of the most popular legends among Disney employees is that “It's a Small World” attraction dolls come to life after dark. According to them, it is common for some to switch places without explanation between one day or another or disappear completely - where they ended up, nobody knows ... Or do they know?

2 - It's a mortal world

In mid-1999, visitors to the "It's a Small World" toy were suddenly evacuated by staff without any explanation. Just before leaving, a mother took a few more pictures to finish the movie from her camera and, revealing them, came across the blurred image of a hanging child hanging from the toy's ceiling.

3 - Reserved seat

Due to an accident, a man visiting the park during the 1970s died while taking a ride on Disney World's “Space Mountain” toy. Since then, members of the attraction team have insisted that their ghost likes to hitch a ride on any empty seats.

4 - Rest in peace ... No, wait!

Apparently, it's not uncommon for visitors to take the ashes of deceased relatives and spread them on one of their favorite attractions. Some of the hottest toys for this kind of practice are the Pirates of The Caribbean and, of course, the Haunted Mansion - which has even sold funeral urns to discourage the habit.

5 - Haunted Mission

Almost 10 years ago, in 2005, a four-year-old boy passed away at Epcot's newly opened Mission Space attraction. Since then, toy officials say they feel cold spots at the terminal where he died and say the transport doors occasionally close even when they should remain open.

6 - Walt Disney Wake

During a period of his life, Walt Disney owned a private apartment located above the Disneyland Fire Department. One day after his death, an employee came into the room and found a lighted lamp that turned on immediately after being turned off by him. Whether it's a ghost action or not, the park leaders decided to leave the light on for the night.

7 - Haunted Mansion ... Really

It is quite common for the park's more mature visitors to define the "Haunted Mansion" as a silly rather than scary attraction. However, legend has it that not only are the 99 or so fun ghosts that haunt the halls and halls of the place, but there are two ghosts of little boys, one who lives crying and others who laugh nonstop. Some people think the photo below, taken by a visitor, would be of one of them.

8 - Revenge of the Charger

Another myth told by employees tells of a porter who suffered a heart attack while taking visitors to one of the platforms of the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios. According to them, the haunting so resented the incident that continues there, affecting the artifacts of the old hotel.

9 - Shouts from beyond

Once upon a time, Tomorrowland had an attraction called “America Sings, ” which featured a number of friendly animals that sang American folk songs and anthems. In 1974, employee Deborah Stone was trapped between rotating walls and suffered a painful death. Legend has it that visitors thought their desperate screams were part of the joke, and although the toy closed, they say her ghost is still there.

And now, do you think you'll see the magic of Disney on the other side when you go there? Leave your opinion in the comments and be sure to check out our other story about facts that only employees know about the park (click here).