13-year-old girl invents anti-hiccup lollipop

(Image source: Shutterstock)

You must know countless techniques for ending the hiccup, such as taking water upside down and even getting scared. However, according to a story published by Mashable, a 13-year-old American has invented a lollipop that promises to end the troublesome crises, especially those who are candy lovers.

Mallory Kievman created the Hiccupops - a combination of the words hiccup, which means hiccup, and lollipop, which means lollipop - after two years of research. The girl probably suffered greatly from spasms, as she read everything about it, including popular beliefs and clinical studies.

Lollipops and clinical studies

Based on his research - and after numerous tests - Mallory has developed a recipe that includes apple cider vinegar and sugar in its formulation. According to the inventor, vinegar causes an overstimulation of the reflex-related throat nerves, and sugar, when applied to the back of the tongue, helps stop the hiccups.

Mallory's efforts have not been in vain, and after winning a children's inventor competition in Connecticut, Hiccupops is being patented as she perfects the prescription and dreams of becoming a doctor in the future.

Source: Mashable