Woman records life of schizophrenic mother and shows reality of disease

Mental illnesses are becoming more common, more studied, and yet widely stigmatized, which makes people who suffer from them, such as depression, bipolarity, schizophrenia or Alzheimer's, just to name a few. examples are seen as “crazy” people and left out of society.

It turns out that to have a mental illness, it is enough to have a brain, and even the healthiest and most balanced person in the world is subject to an anxiety crisis, panic or a depressive condition, for example.

To try to get some of the stigma out of one of the most discriminating diseases in the mental health field, Emily Robinson, daughter of Cindy, a schizophrenic woman, created the project You Are in This World, which basically documents her mother's life., with its ups and downs, its crises and diverse experiences.


The site shows the routine not only of Cindy, but of her caregivers through photos, videos and texts that describe well the experience of daily living with a person who has bouts of schizophrenia. Emily's mother was diagnosed with the disease when she was in her twenties and has since taken a number of medications and needs specific care.

“Imagine all the stress of your day and then add some negative voices saying nasty things to you. The chaos of this in his mind would be enough to make anyone feel abused within his own body, ”says Emily.

“What people need to understand is that when someone is behaving this way, they are very sick. He is the victim of his illness, ”she adds by explaining that she created the project because she wants people to know her mother just the way she is: a real person, part of a family and loved by that family. What did you think of the idea?