Personalized crosswalks in France for a good cause

Street artist OakOak is known worldwide for his bright and simple urban interventions. With a bit of ink and a vivid imagination, the Frenchman brings life to the patterned and unrealistic public spaces of the cities of his country and proves that art is a great way to integrate people into cities.

His latest initiative was to customize pedestrian crossings by inserting famous characters into them and altering their original layout. Besides making the act of crossing the street a lot more fun, the idea is to make drivers redouble their attention as they approach the lanes and avoid collisions at intersections where there is a greater movement of people. Here's what some of them look like:

1. Domino effect

2. Straining

3. Falling Range

4. Street Fighter

5. Astro Boy

6. Rising Range

7. To the delusion of gamers

8. Love is in the air - or rather, on the ground.

9. In tatters

10. Candles Burning

11. Lightsaber

12. Distress Call

13. Taking an Eyelash


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