Gold pills promise to make your poop luxurious

So what have you been buying with all the money left in your bank account? A new car? A house on the beach? A more modern upholstery for your jet? A PlayStation 4? If it is very difficult to know what to do with your money, rest assured we will help.

How about having the ability to make a golden poop? Ever wonder how amazing that would be? Yeah, this feat is possible. All you have to do is take a specific pill, made for those who have this kind of priority in life.

The product

Image Source: Reproduction / Incrediblethings

The idea comes from designer duo Tobias Wong and Ju $ Another Rich Kid, who drew inspiration from gold-obsessed people and even decided to give them the chance to produce golden stools.

The capsule is filled with 24 carat gold shavings and promises to give your gut an exquisite touch. Interested? The product can be purchased for the $ 799 trifle. So, what did you think of the idea?