Why let your boss know that you are looking for a new job?

In times of crisis, having a job can be considered a real victory. However, many situations may make you want to change company, position or even profession. Whether it is by aiming for a more qualified position in the job market or because of something that has left you dissatisfied in your current occupation.

Regardless of the situation you are in, it is recommended to let your current boss know that you are looking for something new for your career. On this subject, the Fast Company website has published a very interesting article that gives you some tips on how to proceed if you are looking for a new job, and how your attitudes can influence for a better qualification in both the current company and the possible new one. company where he will come to work.

Communicate or not communicate? That is the question...

Most people often report that they are “looking for a new job” to their current boss the same day they resign when they are already hired by another company. Well, although this is the most common situation, it does not mean that it is the best way to approach the issue with it. Communicating your decision in advance can bring you benefits and prevent future problems.

Of course, not everyone has an open, complicit relationship with the boss, which makes things a little difficult. Even so, it is always good to analyze the risks and possible improvements that this situation may provide you. This is because the warning that you are looking for a job, if done properly, does not mean that you are dissatisfied or have already decided to change companies.

The plus side

Given this, you might think that if everything is in order and your boss has a good view of your job, he may offer alternatives to convince you to stay in business. This can range from relocation, position and / or re-remuneration.

From another perspective, there is also an interesting point to consider. Many companies have the habit of contacting previous or current companies to check references about the potential new employee. Therefore, it is best to prevent a call from another company to know about you from being a surprise to your boss. Being aware of the situation will surely give you higher quality information about your person in the professional field.

In addition, talking to your superior about your condition can help to avoid too much stress and stressful maneuvers to hide what is really going on. For example, if you are called for an office hour interview or if you are in charge of a large project in the middle of this change process. Knowing everything, he will understand if you need to leave or will be able to delegate his role to a colleague in time not to harm the work.

The risk

Undoubtedly, a conversation with your superior can be very productive, but on the other hand, it is important for you to be aware of how satisfied your boss is with you. If this is unclear, you are advised to exercise caution when communicating any possibility of a change of company, as this may in some way affect your relationship or even result in your resignation. In certain situations, it is better to be quiet at all.

Points to consider before talking to your boss

The article presented by the Fast Company website gives interesting hints of points to check before meeting to communicate to your boss about your search for a new job. The publication emphasizes that it is important to think about these issues, even if you are completely sure what was put before. Check out:

- How is your relationship with your boss? Is there trust? Does it support your career goals?

- What is your main goal? Are there any situations that can make you stay in the current company?

How likely is your boss to find out that you're looking for a new job even if you don't say anything? Is it possible that he knows someone who works for the new company?

- How engaged are you looking for a new job? Will you accept any position or only the one you dream of?

With these points in mind, try to think about the implication of communicating to your superior about the situation. If you feel you really should go ahead, try meeting with him and broaching the subject after requesting feedback on his work. So you can measure what his vision is and what he eventually plans for you.

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