Your candy bar contains an average of 8 pieces of cockroach

Up to 60 pieces of cockroach can be found in 100 g of chocolate, says FDA (Image source: iStock)

That beautiful candy bar that you eat tastefully, savoring every bit of Mayan gods' food, may contain far more than cocoa - and we're not talking about conventional fillings. According to the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), each candy bar has an average of eight pieces of cockroach.

Despite being quite disgusting, it is important to know that chocolate is not the only "privileged". According to the FDA, all foods contain contaminants of some kind, and it is acceptable to find up to 60 pieces of insects per 100 grams of chocolate. The insects end up being ground together with the candy, but should not have major impacts on the health of those who eat them, affecting only allergic and asthmatic people.

Allergist Morton M. Teich told ABC News that “avoiding food insects is almost impossible. You would probably have to stop eating completely. ” The solution would be the use of pesticides, a far more harmful alternative to human health than eating pieces of cockroaches, according to the doctor.