Superconductivity on a toy train? Take my money now!

Yes, the so-called “quantum levitation” certainly caught the eye of many people when it was demonstrated in 2011 by scientists at Tel Aviv University. Well, but, as Luis Fernando Veríssimo would say, "What does this have to do with my latte?" Well, what if the concept is paired with a nice little train? Then things change shape.

The video above shows the principle of quantum levitation applied to a miniature train. The fluctuation effect is caused by throwing liquid nitrogen on the structure, which causes the emergence of a repulsive magnetic field (in a good way). That's because you have to leave the system incredibly cold for the "magic" to occur.

Anyway, now it remains to know how many Christmas must still pass before this little beauty competes for space under the Christmas tree. A long goodbye to the hegemony of Good 10 and various electronic chimes? It is wait and see.

Via TecMundo