Surprise! Check out 13 scenes that were improvised in famous movies

If you are a movie fan, you surely know what are the most striking scenes of your favorite movies. As with all production, it is extremely important that actors follow what is written in the script, but when do they decide to improvise? Well, the result may turn out so good that it becomes one of the best parts of movies. Check out 13 makeshift scenes from the most famous movies:

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Death Chest

In this movie, there is a very specific scene that shows Jack Sparrow teasing Jones with a jug in his hands while singing "I have a jug of dirt!". Well, that was just Johnny Depp's improvisation, so much so that Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley didn't understand anything either.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2


When Spider-Man leaves Gwen and goes to save the city, she calls him "Peter". As soon as she realizes the mistake, she slaps her hand over her mouth - which was the merit of Emma Stone, in fact. As the incident matched the plot of the movie, the director kept the scene.

Thor the Dark World

Thor the Dark World

Remember when Thor comes into the apartment and hangs the hammer on a hook on the wall, along with some jackets? Yeah, it was Chris Hemsworth's improvisation, and the director loved it.

The Godfather

The "Godfather" cat has a mysterious story: there are those who say that Francis Ford Coppola just arrived and threw the pet on Marlon Brando's lap. On the other hand, there are people who say that it was Brando who found the cat in the studios, and decided to use it on the scene.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

This scene from the second movie - or was it the fifth? - from Star Wars was also improvised! After the kiss of Han Solo and Princess Leia, she says "I love you". Ford should have followed the script and answered "I love you too, " but the actor preferred to incorporate his character and simply said, "I know."

Saving Private Ryan

In this classic, there's a scene where we see Ryan, Matt Damon's character, telling stories about his brothers and a girl in a US bar. Damon's entire speech was improvised, and the director loved it!

Batman the dark knight

At the jail scene, the Joker sees Gordon getting promoted, and out of nowhere, he starts clapping slowly. The scene was not in the script, and was maintained because Heath Ledger was able to express well the personality of the Joker.

The Silence of the Lambs

"Once a census taker tried to test me. I ate his liver with beans and a good Chianti." This is the enigmatic speech of Hannibal Lecter in the book and movie "The Silence of the Lambs." The line was in the script, but the sound that Anthony Hopkins makes later was thought by the actor.

The illuminated

The illuminated

Yeah, one of the most famous scenes in this horror classic was improvised! When Jack Nicholson punches the bathroom door with an ax to find Shelley Duvall, he says "Heeere's Johnny!" (which would be like "Here's Johnny!), inspired by a presenter.

Mechanical Orange

The part where the group breaks into a house and assaults the residents was not going as Kubrick wanted, until he told actor Malcolm McDowell to do the scene as he pleased. This is how the scene with the dance number and the theme song of "Singing in the Rain" came about.



When Rose and her fiance are fighting, actor Billy Zane threw a breakfast tray on the floor. Kate Winslet didn't even have to feign surprise, as the scene was totally unexpected.

Raging Genius

In this movie, it was Robin Williams's turn. The scene in which he tells his wife's somewhat flatulent, say, habits was not in the script, and the director retained that part because of the naturalness of the sequence.

Django Unchained

In this Tarantino movie, there is a scene where Leonardo DiCaprio's character cuts his hand. But that wasn't in the script, and yet the director liked the scene and kept it going.

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