Test yourself and see if you still believe in these 5 sleeping myths.

1 - Can you compensate for the week's lack of sleep on weekends

Only not. In terms of sleep, you can't do a kind of weekly calculation. It is all right to respect your daily need for sleep, and not to think that waking up at noon on Saturdays and Sundays will solve the short time you sleep during the week.

“When you get little sleep, you are harmed. That's it, ”says researcher Pete Bils, who also states that letting a lot of sleep on weekends is a bad strategy. For him, the ideal is to sleep between 7 and 8 hours every night. Sleeping little messes our circadian rhythm, which is responsible for keeping our body working normally.

Sleeping a little is a bad deal

2 - Sleeping with the TV on helps us fall asleep

For Bils, leaving the TV on at bedtime is a mistake in three different ways: First, many people end up watching that program that started and seems unmissable, which postpones sleep; Second, the content of the program can make a person thoughtful, having difficulty falling asleep; Finally, the lighting of the device is a bad business, because again, interferes with the operation of the circadian rhythm. That is: turn off this television!

Turn off this TV!

3 - I sleep better with my pet

It's cute, we know, sleeping with your kitten or the dog next door, but the truth is that your pet is a living being that moves at night and ends up disturbing your sleep. Bils explains that countless tests have already been done in this regard, in institutions that study sleep quality, and the sad reality is that sleeping without your pet in bed is the best way out for a good night's sleep.

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4 - I can drink coffee at night and sleep well, because caffeine does not affect me

Okay, you may have the impression that you are immune to caffeine, but not quite. You may even sleep after that cup of coffee at night, but Bils reminds us that we are talking not just about sleeping, but about getting a good sleep, which doesn't happen when you have caffeine in your bloodstream.

The sad truth is that caffeine affects your ability to fall asleep, so you may be technically asleep, but your body is not restoring itself the way it should. Did you find it bad? So expect it to get worse: the same thing happens with alcohol.

No coffee!

5 - Taking naps is not a good idea

Course is! Finally good news on this list. The truth is that if you can take a nap during your lunch break, you will feel much more willing during the day. Nap is not just a child thing, no! Sleeping a little after lunch, as the Spanish already do, is a practice that will make you more energetic, productive, creative and even happy.

Forgive us the sleepless, but dozing is essential


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