Did you know that most of the streets in Japan have no name?

When you are looking for some street name address, it is often difficult to find it depending on the city. Especially when you don't know anything, do you? Now imagine if the streets had no name? Because in Japan is like this!

There, most of the streets have no name and the inhabitants are located by the numbered blocks. According to the Today I Found Out website, there are only a few exceptions, such as major avenues.

Division or confusion?

For a western tourist, it can be quite complicated at first glance. However, it is not that much. Want to know how it works? The Japanese address is based on three numbers, one from the neighborhood, one from the block, and one from the house or building you are looking for. You can check the system on the map below, which is from Kamakura city.

Image Source: Reproduction / Today I Found Out

To find yourself there when you're on a street and want to know how to get to a specific block, just make sure you're in the right neighborhood. That way, with block and house numbers, it's easy to find the address. In addition, most cities in Japan have maps displayed at subway, train and bus stops for the location of the courts. Some retail stores also make them available.

However, it is worth noting that often the numbering of houses and buildings does not follow a linear order, and you can find a house with number 1 next to one with number 13. That's because they number the buildings according to the season. in which they were built. And you think the system is easy or confusing?