10 common dreams and what they supposedly mean

You may have heard someone talk about dream interpretation at some point in your life. Generally, among older people, there is some belief, even the slightest, that dreaming about something specific has meaning in its destiny.

For example, some say that dreaming of a cat can mean that you will be robbed soon (through association: cat - thief - thief). In addition to this, there are hundreds of interpretations and many books about them. Nevertheless, most modern scientists and psychologists see dreams and their meanings as unresolved mysteries.

Anyway, there are some extremely common and recurring dreams we all have. It would be interesting to know what their supposed meanings are, isn't it? Even if “dream science” is not fully proven by science, at least we can have a little fun with the interpretations.

The folks at Mental Floss brought together four authors of books on the subject - Lauri Loewenberg, Russell Grant, Lauren Lawrence, and Ian Wallace - to reveal their main impressions of humanity's most common dreams. Check it out below.

1 - Dreaming It's Falling

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Who has never dreamed that it is falling? It is very common for this to happen at the beginning of sleep - we even get scared and wake up when we are supposed to hit the floor. Expert Lauri Loewenberg calls this dream "a red flag of her subconscious." She believes this dream is common in people who are having a big problem in life with work, relationships or other personal area.

2 - Teeth Falling

Dreaming of falling teeth can be very distressing, but the interpretation is not about "death, " as many people believe. Ian Wallace sees teeth as a symbol of power and confidence. For him, this dream is supposed to be a sign that something has happened in the dreamer's life that has caused him to lose confidence.

According to Grant, the teeth are a bad omen and represent a shaken relationship. Lauren Lawrence, on the other hand, believes that for women, the dream is an example of wish fulfillment. For men, it is a desire for sexual stimulation.

3 - Going to work or school without clothes

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Getting to school or work totally (or partially) naked and having nowhere to run is a recurring dream among many people. Experts widely agree that this dream represents vulnerability and anxiety.

Wallace's research reveals that this dream is common to people who are beginning an unknown situation and are therefore still insecure. These are individuals who have just accepted a promotion, gone to a new job or need to speak in public.

4 - Take a test

Expert Lauren Lawrence noted that perfectionists often tend to have recurring dreams of taking stressful tests. She claims the dream reminds a person to be more alert. Lauri Loewenberg believes that in adults these dreams draw parallels between school and work, because both places provide situations full of pressure.

5 - Dream that you are dying

Lauri Lawrence's interpretation is that this dream reveals a desire to end something in life: a relationship, a job, a career, or even the past. Russell Grant's dream dictionary emphasizes that this dream is not necessarily a nightmare. Instead, he repeatedly states that it is meant to encourage a person to embark on a new venture or fresh start.

6 - Find a celebrity

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I bet you've dreamed of a famous actress or actor, music stars, and so on. Ian Wallace believes the real celebrity is relevant and can reveal which talents the dreamer values. Lauri Loewenberg says celebrities are a symbol of a personal need for recognition.

7 - Being chased

The worst thing about being chased in a dream is running and not leaving your seat! Who has been through this? However, despite the nightmare feeling of this dream, Ian Wallace considers it a positive sign. He believes this dream can encourage the dreamer to face once and for all a problem that has plagued his thoughts.

8 - Betrayal

Most authors agree that this dream should not be taken as a "premonition." So if you dreamed that your girlfriend was cheating on you, you might be carefree. According to Lauri Loewenberg, cheating dreams can happen when your company is spending too much time and attention on something that doesn't involve you.

9 - Being late

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This dream can be a sign that someone is overworked and working (or studying or all together), according to Ian Wallace. In a related note, Russell Grant interprets this delay as a warning: "Don't make promises you can't keep."

10 - Flying

Dreaming of flying is a delight, isn't it? Many people believe that when a child dreams of flying, it is a sign that she is growing up. Ian Wallace has a totally different theory. He states that the dream encourages the person to let go of something and allow things to "fall" naturally into place.

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And you, the reader, always dream of the same thing?