15 powerful ads that knew how to sell an idea

The mission of advertising is not only to convince consumers to buy certain products, but also to make them aware of socially relevant issues. To show the power of advertising to focus our attention on topics that often go unnoticed, we have separated some creations that have managed to be more persuasive than a handful of words. Check out:

1. “Child Labor: If You Say Nothing, It Doesn't Stop”

2. A picture of the developing world: the selfie that shouldn't exist

3. Candy that Kills: Poster Made to Raise Diabetes Awareness

4. Chinese campaign warns of the importance of organ donation

5. “This is how the environment lives: trying to survive”

6. “It is not skin; it's someone's mother ”

7. A simple way to warn smokers about the risks of smoking

8. UN World Food Program Campaign

9. Poster warns of deforestation floods that leave millions homeless

10. A warning about the risks of using your phone while driving a car

11. Romanian-produced piece that asks, “How big must the trash be to stop ignoring it?”

12. Announcement of the importance of making public spaces more accessible

13. Unicef: “We work for a world where this image contains no other meaning”

14. Pernambuco Blood Bank Campaign on the Need for Donations

15. Amnesty International: “300, 000 children going to war instead of school”