3 urban legends that turned out to be real

There are some macabre stories we hear or read out there that are supposed to be real, but from so crazy, we think they are just another urban legend. However, the folks at CRACKED.com decided to investigate and found that some of them actually happened! Check out:

Calls from beyond

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Have you ever heard of people who received phone calls from someone who, unbeknownst to them, had just passed away? This story happened in the US in 2008 after a terrible accident involving two trains that killed 25 people. Knowing that Charles Peck was traveling on one of the trains, his family members panicked, eagerly waiting for news. Until they got a call. And other. And one more!

In total, 35 calls were made from Peck's cell phone, and although the police found the victim through the phone signal, the meeting was not a happy one. Peck was already dead, stuck in the hardware, and to this day no one has ever been able to explain how the calls could be made. And you know the most ironic of this story? The accident occurred because one of the drivers was distracted by his own cell phone and ran a red light.

Death elevator

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Imagine you will take the elevator and for some reason the doors close over your body and you get stuck. Sounds like the plot of a horror movie, doesn't it? For in 2003, in a hospital - to complete the macabre scenario - in the US, resident doctor Hitoshi Nikaidoh ended up getting shoulder-length between the doors of an elevator. The problem is, he couldn't let go, and the elevator started up.

Nikaidoh had his head halved at the mouth, and the other person in the elevator - there was a poor nurse inside! She had to wait for over an hour in the company of the upper half of the poor doctor's head until a rescue team could get her out of there.

Impossible suicide

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It may seem impossible, but David Phyall - a very, very disgruntled Briton - decided to commit suicide by cutting his own head with a chainsaw. It all started when the building Phyall lived in was decreed as a convict and all tenants were ordered to move to other locations. But not David!

Even after receiving 11 offers of alternative accommodation, David flatly refused to leave his home. So much so that to make sure he wouldn't leave the apartment alive - and give the cleaning crew enough work - he planned his own death, and in an absurdly sinister way.

Phyall attached a chainsaw to the leg of a pool table, used duct tape to keep the "power" button on, and a timer to get the tool to work. Then Phyall lay under the table with the saw chain slung over his neck and a few minutes later lost his head ... literally.

* Originally posted on 27/02/2013.