Flock of crazed pelicans will give you nightmares [video]

Do you remember the movie "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock? This suspense classic was probably responsible for a lot of people eventually developing ornithophobia, the uncontrollable pathological fear of birds. In fact, it may be precisely because of the unconscious memory related to this movie that the video below seems so terrifying. Check out:

Well, maybe the clip didn't really freak you out ... So imagine you're enjoying a beautiful sunny day on the beach and, while cooling off in the water, you're suddenly swallowed by a wave of birds biting. your body and making you in pieces!

Imagining aside, the video shows a huge flock of pelicans diving right next to the sand strip to fish their lunches. However, the number of birds is so great that the bathers are perplexed watching the frantic banquet. And have you, dear reader, ever seen anything like it?