Brazilian creates hydrogel that prevents amputations of diabetics

You may never have heard the name of Cleomir de Souza Pinheiro, but this researcher is responsible for a creation that can greatly improve the lives of thousands of people suffering from diabetes in Brazil and worldwide. A researcher at INPA (National Institute for Amazonian Research), he is responsible for developing a hydrogel capable of preventing amputations of the extremities of patients suffering from diabetes.

Studying and working on product development for two decades, Cleomir made it to the dreamed hydrogel. Made from bitter ginger, the product has been tested in 27 diabetic patients, explained the doctor in biology and natural resources.

Patients suffered from foot ulcers and were indicated for amputation. The result of hydrogel treatment? Heals in 95% of cases. The researcher states that the anti-inflammatory, analgesic, vasodilating and healing potential of bitter ginger “offers” the cure. Being tested since 2004, patients who use it say that the cure time was less than two months after starting hydrogel use.

Source: Disclosure

The production of the hydrogel motivated the creation of Biozer da Amazônia, a company that is incubated at INPE and is responsible for developing the product from the production of bitter ginger to the effective arrival of the hydrogel on the market.

The work is developed in partnership with Unicamp, the ABC School of Medicine, the Amazonas State University, the Federal University of Amazonas and the Amazonas State Oncology Control Foundation.

The commercialization of the hydrogel should start this year. For this, the patent has already been applied for and as soon as Anvisa makes the release the product must be available for purchase.

Source: Disclosure