Mayan calendars did not predict the world ends in 2012

Tortuguero Calendar (Image Source: Reproduction / National Geographic)

According to National Geographic, the Mayan calendar that supposedly prophesies of the end of the world in 2012 (see figure above) actually tells the story of the life and battles of a former ruler.

According to the publication, the Maya were excellent mathematicians and knew how to keep historical records like no other. Thus, they had not just one calendar, but several different versions to accompany the solar cycles and sacred celebrations, for example, as well as another calendar that marked the passage of time in cycles of 5, 000 years.

As Ricardo Agurcia - an expert on the Maya - explained, there is only one monument that makes reference to December 21, 2012. However, although the famous date indicates the end of a cycle, for the Maya this did not mean apocalypse, but yes a fresh start, a rebirth.

Multiple calendars

So much so that there are other monuments that bring inscriptions that “belie” that the world ends later this week, as a complex discovered at the beginning of the year in Guatemala that has calculations that indicate that the world must continue as it is for another 7 thousand years by any less.

For some reason, the rumor that the Mayans foresaw the end of the world has spread - as has been the case with countless other rumors involving the apocalypse - but experts in the various fields assure that it is not necessary to stock up on food and water, to build an Ark of Noah, disaster-proof capsule or flee to holy places.

So enjoy the holiday season to the fullest - after all, that should be the goal of all celebrations - and make sure you make that list of all the plans and goals you have for next year. You will surely need it.