Scientists want to create sparkling Christmas pines alone

(Image source: Reproduction / Wikipedia)

According to the BBC, a group of students at the University of Hertfordshire, England, hope to develop sparkling Christmas pines by adding firefly and jellyfish genes to the genetic material of the trees.

According to the publication, the students intend to modify the genetic structure of plants using two specific genes, which give fireflies and jellyfish their luminous characteristic. To do this, tree seeds would be "infected" by a bacterium that would carry the genes responsible for luminescence. The experiment should result in a Christmas tree that shines without the need for any external power source or flashers.

Other scientists have already managed to make silk, mice, and potatoes that shine on their own, so producing a luminescent tree should be impossible to do. Students believe that once they have succeeded in creating the brilliant pine tree, the trees should turn into a bestseller, despite the high price tag, which is expected to start at £ 200.