Know the effects of the 5 most addictive substances in the world

1 - Heroin

The world's most addicted drug causes the brain's dopamine level to rise by up to 200%. Another danger of this drug, besides the very high potential for addiction, is the fact that a deadly dose is only five times higher than the dose used by users, ie it is very easy to get confused and overdosed.

2 - Cocaine

Cocaine has the power to change the way dopamine works, preventing some neurons from communicating around them, which essentially stimulates the brain's reward area abnormally - tests have shown that the use of the substance triples them. dopamine levels in the brain.

Highly popular, it is estimated that there are 20 million users worldwide, a market that drives about $ 75 billion a year. Of those who try the drug, 21% will become addicted to it at some point in their lives, and while similar to other stimulant drugs such as methamphetamine and amphetamine, cocaine is more popular and more dangerous because it is easily accessible. .

3 - Nicotine

This fast-absorbing substance in dangerous cigarettes is absorbed into the lungs as soon as the smoke is inhaled and from there it reaches the brain - just to give you an idea, more than two thirds of people who try cigarettes get addicted. throughout life. Nicotine, when it reaches the brain, increases dopamine levels by up to 40 percent, which causes the sensation of pleasure.

In 2002, there were more than 1 billion smokers worldwide, according to the World Health Organization - by 2030, more than 8 million people are expected to die from a cigarette disease.

4 - Barbiturates

Drugs used to control anxiety attacks and induce sleep are effective because they "shut down" some areas of the brain. Low doses cause euphoric effects, but in excess can lead to death by suppressing the airways. This type of medicine caused a lot of dependence when it was sold without prescription control a few decades ago. Barbiturates should be used only with medical advice and follow-up.

5 - Alcohol

This is a very popular and easily accessible substance that also has many effects on the brain. Like other drugs listed on this list, alcohol increases dopamine production, causing a feeling of euphoria and well-being. The danger with alcohol in terms of addiction is that the more a person drinks, the more dopamine his brain releases, and the more he wants to drink.

It is estimated that 22% of people who try alcohol become addicted one day. In 2012, according to WHO, 3 million people died due to alcohol abuse. The secret here is moderation. Ever.

* Originally posted on 19/09/2016.