Ant Larynx is caught stealing a diamond in jewelry in the US

Everyone knows that ants - or at least several species of them - are masters of collecting leaves, crumbs, food scraps or the bodies of insects and other animals, all to ensure the livelihood of the colony. However, one of these little creatures was caught in a very unusual task!

According to Mindy Weisberger of the Live Science website, the scenes you will see below were recorded by a New York jeweler who was there doing his thing when he noticed that a "robbery" was unfolding on his desk. job. The bandit was a diligent ant who was trying to get off the crime scene with a diamond. Watch:


According to Mindy, who spoke with Helen McCreery, a researcher at the Department of Integrative Biology at Michigan State University, the observed behavior, that is, picking up and collecting items to be taken to the colony, is quite common. However, the choice of video ant is rather strange. That's because, as Helen explained, it was expected that the pet had picked up something edible - not a small diamond.

In this case, one possibility is that something has fallen on the gem or has been covered with some substance that the ant has mistaken for food. Another detail you may have noticed is that although the diamond is tiny, the larynx seems to be making a tremendous effort to "escape" with it, changing direction a few times during the escape.

Ant stealing diamond

Sassy in action

The researcher explained that ants are more than used to carrying much bigger and even heavier things than themselves - and Helen herself says she has seen these animals carrying objects 100 times larger than their bodies. Even so, the scientist admitted that she was surprised to see how the little mummy in the video managed to hold the diamond with its jaw, but it may be that the shape of the item made life easier for the little creature.

Well, the video ends in suspense, right, dear reader? After all, we don't know how the robbery ended. However, we can be sure that the jeweler did not let the ant carry the pebble - and we can only hope that he has not decided to punish the thief very severely.


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