Italians break record with the world's largest pizza. Of course!

(Image source: Playback / The Huffington Post)

It may even seem obvious that Italians appear in the Guinness Book for producing the world's largest round pizza. But the truth is that the gigantic delicacy you just saw in the image above broke an earlier record set by a South African supermarket in 1990 that prepared a 37.4-meter-diameter pizza.

According to The Huffington Post, the " Ottavia " - as it was baptized - snatched the South African mark, measuring 40 meters in diameter and counting, when ready, with 23, 250 kilos. The chefs had to split the pizza into 5, 000 pieces, which were baked over 48 hours. But most impressive was the amount of ingredients used. Take a look at the list:

  • 8, 981 thousand pounds of flour (gluten free!);
  • 4, 536 pounds of tomato sauce;
  • 3, 991 pounds of mozzarella cheese;
  • 675 pounds of margarine;
  • 250 pounds of salt;
  • 100 pounds of lettuce;
  • 25 pounds of vinegar.

We just don't know how many people it took to devour Ottavia, but you can check out more images of the world's largest round pizza in the gallery below: