Crazy jumps out of handcuffed plane and inside a coffin

Jumping from a height of 4.4 kilometers is already quite scary. But doing so in handcuffs, with your shoulder chained and in a wooden casket, reaches a level of insanity that few would be willing to try. This, however, is the art of the American Anthony Martin, who accomplished this incredible feat recently.

At 47, Martin also makes it clear that his trick is not false. In an interview with the New York Daily News, the man on duty reported that his father eventually frustrated him by telling how the "magic" of a floating pen worked. So he began to study and find a more responsible way to capture the attention of the audience, specializing in the art of escape.

At age 10, Martin had already specialized in escape, and at 13, the town sheriff handcuffed the boy just to see him escape.

The most recent jump, which took place on the 6th, also featured the presence of two skydivers to hold the coffin, preventing it from turning while Martin tried to escape. Check out the video above to watch this amazing feat.