Myth or truth: Did the two-faced man really exist?

The world really is a strange place. If today, thanks to the power of the Internet we can already know the oddities that happen everywhere, many other bizarre things must have happened in our world in the past centuries. An enigmatic example of this is what we list here. Dark legends tell that Edward Mordake, a 19th-century English nobleman, had two faces. The second face was located at the back of the head, near the nape of the neck.

According to information at the time, this second face did not feed, but was able to laugh and cry. Reports that have never had proven sources say that Mordake was desperate to remove his face from behind, as he whispered unintelligible words that he thought were satanic. However, no doctor has ever attempted to perform the face removal procedure. Edward Mordake committed suicide at the age of 23, tormented by his second face.

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This curious 19th century account can never be fully substantiated by the lack of medical evidence. Edward Mordake's birth and death dates were not recorded and there are not many details of how this suicide occurred, which contributes to the fact that Mordake is just an urban legend, as this case became popular with word-of-mouth. people's mouth.

However, Edward Mordake's case may be true despite little evidence. Although extremely rare, two other similar examples have been recorded in the world, Chang Tzu Ping and Pasqual Pinon, who also had parts of a second face. Even in the case of Chinese Chang Tzu Ping, the case was recorded when he underwent surgery that removed part of the second face, which consisted basically of a mouth and some teeth that moved when he spoke.

We've also listed here in Mega Curious some of the most famous Siamese twins in history, some of which had a completely normal body, but with two heads - something that may also have happened to Edward Mordake. Since Mordake lived decades ago, there were no scientific explanations for such phenomena, so people relied more on religion - he constantly referred to the second face as something of the devil. This thought, coupled with the fact that he was different and had no help from those around him, probably made him decide to commit suicide.

* Originally posted on 28/02/2014.


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