To help family, young man is charging $ 1 million for his virginity

Nothing sadder than seeing her own family in need, and claiming that very reason, the 20-year-old Katherine Stone, who lives in Nevada, USA, decided to go to work in a brothel to auction off her virginity. Alongside other girls, she disputes high bids so she can help her family solve the financial problems.

“People say we should have sex and lose our virginity for love. But if you think about it, I'm doing it because I love my family, ”she told CNN.

Her family's financial condition has been bad since 2014, when a fire destroyed everyone's home in Seattle. Without insurance, nothing was compensated and no damage was compensated and since then she, her parents and two younger sisters live in the rubble of the old house, which was covered with tarps.

One day while using social networks, Katherine saw the announcement of a brothel and found that she could make good money by auctioning her own virginity - the young woman, who had to stop studying to help pay her house bills, was working as a nanny, but the pay was still low.


The family's financial situation, which also undermines the quality of life of her younger sisters, made Katherine realize that she could do what she wanted with her own body without guilt.

After talking with the brothel owner, Katherine was able to be part of the girls participating in the virginity auction - knowing the reasons behind the girl's choice, he warned that she will not get any percentage of the profit she can make.

“It's her choice. I don't think it's a good idea for a girl to drink six tequilas and lose her virginity on the bathroom floor in a frat house. If she wants to sell, I think that's great, ”said Dennis Hof, the shop owner.

So far, Katherine has not accepted any offer. She says she is hoping to see a man with whom she feels she has some kind of connection and, of course, who can be generous in paying for a night with her - Katherine expects to receive at least $ 400, 000, the equivalent of $ 1 million for your first time.