Why are people saying that this advertisement spoils Christmas?

British network John Lewis is famous for promoting thrilling holiday commercials, but the recently launched campaign has caught the eye for another reason, not necessarily for the typical emotional appeal of this time of year.

In the images, we see a family preparing for Christmas. The father rides a trampoline at night so that his daughter is surprised the next day, and who sees everything is the family boxer dog, who is eager to jump on the structure as well.

After the trampoline is fully assembled and while the family retreats, several animals come up to jump on the structure. The joy of each one of them is visible.


The commercial has had great repercussions since it was released. First, because it is not an exciting video like the ones usually produced by the brand; and second because many Internet users are saying that advertising can end the magic of Christmas for children who still believe in Santa Claus.

As the film shows the little girl's father riding the trampoline, it is evident that the father bought the gift, and that the structure was not delivered by Good Old Man. What did you think of the advertisement? Like or expected more? Do you think the kids will miss Santa Claus? Tell us in the comments!