On the eve of Valentine's Day, discover 25 facts about love

1 - Passionate couples can synchronize their heartbeat after spending 3 minutes looking into each other's eyes;

2 - Shelling with your loved one triggers the same neurological reaction that you have when taking painkillers;

3 - A beautiful face attracts more people than a beautiful body;

4 - The first time the heart symbol as we know it today was used in 1250. Before, the organ was represented with foliage;

5 - Bad news for lovers on duty: Passion makes us less productive people!

6. In terms of biochemistry, being in love is the same as having obsessive compulsive disorder;

7 - The irrational fear of falling in love with someone is called “philophobia”;

8 - Marriage began to be treated as something between people who love each other only from the 18th century;

9 - Among couples who know each other online, 23% end up getting married;

10 - Every day around the world, about 3 million first meetings take place;

11 - Research has shown that men tend to say "I love you" before women;

12 - LOL, before the internet, was an acronym for "lots of love"; now it means “laughing out loud”;

13 - There is a psychological disorder that makes some people believe that a famous person is in love with them: it is called "erotomania";

14 - In India, people of different castes who end up falling in love can ask for help from a group called "Commanders of Love", who protect them from violence;

15 In Greek, we have words to talk about four kinds of love. Agape : charitable love; Eros : sexual love; Philia : love between friends; and Storge : family love;

16. In Sanskrit there are 96 words for "love";

17 - Oxytocin released during an orgasm is the hormone that makes couples in love want to cuddle after sex;

18 - The hormone, however, seems to have a stronger presence among women, which could explain why they tend to relate more sex and love than men;

19 - People in serious relationships with someone who is trustworthy and prudent tend to be more promoted at work, as they often have higher salaries and are more satisfied with their jobs;

20 - Looking at brain images of people who have just been kicked in the ass, it can be said that what they go through is very similar to what goes through a person trying to get rid of an addiction;

21 - Look how curious: 52% of married women say their husbands are not their soul mates;

22 - Looking at the photo of the person you love can reduce up to 44% of the pain you feel;

23 Couples who show gratitude to each other are less likely to separate;

24 - Couples who sleep without clothes live in happier relationships;

25 - When a relationship ends, men tend to suffer more and longer than women;

* Originally posted on 07/06/2017.


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