Overcoming: Learn about the dramatic history of the British who “lost” her face

Even the least vain people on the planet would be horrified at the thought of having their faces disfigured. For this tragic situation happened to the British Tammy Saunders, who, at 32 years old, "lost" his face after contracting a serious illness. The young woman told her dramatic story to the BBC people, and revealed how she is “rebuilding” her self-esteem and moving on with her life.

Tammy, as with many of us, had to deal with a number of common inconveniences during her teens, such as skin problems, capillary disasters, and body woes - which eventually made her a shy, complex young woman. . It took her several years to work through all these issues and finally overcome her insecurities, but it all fell apart after her struggle for survival.

Between life and death

According to her, Tammy was happy with her life - and even with her own appearance - when, one fine day, she woke up in the morning feeling a little bad. At first, the British thought she was hungover, but the situation worsened over the course of the day and, being taken to hospital a few hours later, she was diagnosed with a virus.

Tammy Before Getting Sick

However, Tammy said that later she began to lose sensation in her legs and lips and felt her extremities very cold. It was then that her family called an ambulance, and two hours later the girl was comatose in the hospital and tied to a handful of tubes, monitors, and machines that kept her alive.

Ten days later, the definitive diagnosis pointed out that instead of a virus, Tammy had meningococemia, a serious generalized infection caused by the bacterium Neisseria meningitidis . To make matters worse, she had also developed a process known as disseminated intravascular coagulation that caused her blood vessels to begin to bleed, affecting her circulation.

The girl was hospitalized for several months, and her extremities were the areas most affected by the disease. Tammy eventually suffered necrosis in various regions of her body, and as a result, doctors had to remove tissue from her feet, legs and arms - and she also lost her lower nose and almost her entire lip.

Thus, in addition to having muscles and tendons affected by complications caused by meningococemia and having scarred extremities, Tammy suffered from motor difficulties, dislocation and a disfigured face.


If Tammy had self-esteem problems during her teens from a few pimples and unruly hair, imagine how it felt to look in the mirror for the first time after recovering from her illness! Tammy said that after leaving the hospital, he rarely set foot outside unless he had to go to a doctor's appointment.

She revealed that she felt pathetic and it was as if old Tammy had died and someone else had taken her place. It was then that the British woman began to share her feelings with her close family and friends and found that everyone saw her as the usual Tammy - and also as a fighter who had survived a difficult battle.

Over time, the British realized that despite her appearance, she remained the same inside. So she decided it was time to "rebuild" her self-esteem and set off in pursuit of happiness. And Tammy didn't start shyly no ... She decided to sign up for a popular television show called The Undeatables - which accompanies people with disabilities on romantic dates.

And, oddly enough, Tammy said the exposure gave her the push she needed to start accepting herself. In addition, the experience led the British to focus on her strengths and to realize that most people also saw the good things she had to offer - rather than simply clinging to her disfigured face.

It is obvious that Tammy sees that people still stare and whisper when they meet her and has also received several negative responses - and that messes with her. On the other hand, the exposure on the reality show has brought much more positive reactions, and it is to this affection and respect that Tammy clings. And, she says, the demonstrations of support are not only helping her move forward, but they also allow her to accept that despite her regrets, she can be loved.

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