Joinha Trophy: statue should show big toe, but it looks like something else

This Thursday (29), the city of London gained a new monument: the statue of a hand making the thumbs up, with the thumb raised

Here it is everyone - the new #fourthplinth commission. And it's #reallygood! @davidshrigley

- London Gov (@LDN_gov) September 29, 2016

The work is in famous Trafalgar Square and was made by sculptor David Shrigley

Statue has already become a joke

Except, of course, things didn't go as planned, as the disproportionate thumb looked like another part of the human body - a very intimate part, if you didn't relate it.

"One woman said she thought #FourthPlint was 'very suggestive'. Her son said she had a very dirty mind."

However, the disproportionate thumb should not resemble a penis: the artist wanted to show great positivity in matters such as economics, climate and society.

Thumbs up trophy

People are using social networks to make fun of the new monument

"I know it should be a positive message, but secretly the big toe gives me the creeps"

Compared to Uma Thurman's character in "Even Cowgirls Get Sad"

For those who didn't watch, she has a huge thumb in this movie

There are very angry people: "No words. None. Jesus. Is that considered art?"

They say it's ...

Some people complained about the money invested in this work ~~

"What a waste of money that could be used for something else"

And you, did you like the new pen ... I mean London's big toe?