16 rare (and somewhat strange) birthmarks

It is estimated that approximately 80% of humans are born with some birthmark. Among specks, stains or unusual bulges, this is often just a brief sign of identity - some even make a name for it.

But sometimes the thing is somewhat unusual even for a birthmark. It can be comical as a clown nose that comes “factory”; uncomfortable as patches that spread throughout the body; or "cute" like a heart-shaped puppy dog. There is an all. If not, check out the list below.

Clown nose

What's the fun of a clown nose? Well, among other things, surely should be the possibility to take it off when necessary. Unfortunately, two-year-old Connie Lloyd couldn't count on it. Connie was born with a benign tumor whose size and color closely resembled the harlequin's harness around the globe.

Initially, the girl's parents received the news that there would be no "cure" for such a rarity. However, one surgeon eventually defied strangeness, and Connie brings only a small scar today. Ok, you can laugh now.

Turtle Boy

Impossible not to make the comparison, it's true. But hey! The idea was not ours. In fact, little six-year-old Didier Montalvo has earned his nickname in his small village in rural Colombia. Didier was born with a rare problem called congenital melanocytic nevus, which made him grow a nevus that eventually took all the boy's back (yes, it's a kind of mole).

Didier had to drop out of school because of the problem. In addition, it was said in his village that the boy was “cursed, ” as he was conceived during an eclipse. Despite beliefs, however, her mother, Luz, could not afford a surgeon to remove the mark.

It was then that the British surgeon Neil Bulstrode became aware of the case. Bulstrode headed to Bogota with his team at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to remove the nerve. After several operations and skin grafts, doctors were able to eliminate the mark.

It's not always on the skin

Yeah, here's something you might not have seen yet. But, yes, it is possible to have birthmarks even in the eyes - more precisely, in the iris. Unlike other markings that may appear in the back of the eye, however, these are even nevi (whose nature is the same as the spots that appear on the skin, such as the spot). It is not always possible to see them without being within walking distance, however.

“Let me see the map back here ...”

As stated earlier, there are actually a lot of people who are born with private labels stamped on various body locations. However, not every day you see someone carrying the map of Eurasia on their back, huh?

Famous birthmark

The last leader of the defunct Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, carries one of the most well-known and commented birthmarks around the globe - even more than that spot on a host's leg, it is believed. In fact, it is so well known that it has even defined a tourist spot.

Ok, no jokes here. It turns out that every year thousands of Russians go to the Durak Aprel archipelago, which has the same format as the Gorbachev brand. Some even speak of a very particular class of tourists, those who practice shapecation - destinations chosen for their unique geography.

If life gives you lemons ...

Sometimes what really counts is what your creativity can do with a particular birthmark. The guy in the picture above, for example, dissatisfied with the reddish marks on his back, sought out a tattoo artist to make the whole thing much cooler - though also much more visible, we'd like.

Certificate of Authenticity

Would anyone out there doubt the relationship of this baby and his mother? Difficult. A very rare case ... And a beautiful certificate of authenticity.

1/4 Werewolf

Although he looks half man and half werewolf, what the Chinese Zhang Hongming brings on his back is in fact a huge birthmark - made even more uncomfortable by favoring the growth of thick hair. In Chongqing, in southeastern China, Hongming is known as the “Chimpanzee”. Man now has medical help to get rid of the huge stain - whose size is seen in only 3% of the global population.

Temporary horns

No, the horns of five-year-old George Ashman were not his problem. In fact, they were the solution. The boy was born with a pronounced spot on his forehead, which seemed to his parents to be able to bring some problems in school.

Thus, the procedure adopted by doctors involved stretching the “normal” skin of the skull with the insertion of the two structures in the photo above. After four months (and some unavoidable nicknames of bystanders), the "horns" have been removed and the spare skin can be used to cover the congenital stain - leaving nothing but a scar on the site.

"Cow Leather"

Just a few months ago, little Li Xiaoyuan, six, had only a small birthmark on her back. Today, the stain occupies an ever larger surface of the girl's body, spreading thickly across her back, arms and face. The impression is that the girl's skin has been replaced by cowhide.

Xiaoyuan is currently accompanied by Dr. Lou Zhongsquan of Zhaoquing City Dermatological Hospital - who believes in a rare hereditary disease that leaves normal spots out of control.

Ungrateful mask

The boy An Qi was born with a spot on the right side of his face. As it grew, the stain began to occupy a larger and larger area, spreading to black and thick all over the place.

Min Yi Plastic Surgery Hospital in Changchun has agreed to cover the boy's entire treatment, which should cover four stages. According to the hospital president, Zheng Xiaoqin, a spotted hair on his face is quite rare.

There are those who hide and there are those who adorn

Perhaps the protrusion there might be a source of shame for some people - just because it's different, of course. Not for the girl in the picture, of course, who preferred to sport the bulge with a nice piercing.

The Kitler Cat

Well, curious marks are not restricted to just one species of the animal kingdom. By the way, nice pun, no? That is to say, "kitty" and "Hitler" (the fascist dictator who needs no introduction). This becomes even more pertinent when it is known that the pussy mustache was not painted or produced in any way, but is congenital. And one cannot ignore the resemblance, in fact.

Holy cow

For obvious reasons, the animal in the image above has been dubbed the “sacred cow” - shortly after its birth on a farm in Sterling, Connecticut.

Cuteness Overdose

The above Chihuahua was born in May 2008 in Japan. On its back, the traditional caricatured drawing of a heart from the factory. According to the owner of the animal, the breeder Emiko Sakurada, it is the first puppy she sees born (out of hundreds) with such a discernible mark. The dog was named “Heart-kun” and, of course, was not put up for sale.


Okay, it is normal to try to fit pet stains into known shapes. But the pussy in the image above could well have acted as an adjunct in that famous movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio. After all, its rare birthmark gives the impression that there is one cat inside another (in a good way).