5 unsolved mysteries that will surprise you

Mysteries with no apparent solution always give their mouths and draw the attention of those who like a good story. The possibility that something might have happened without a plausible explanation is certainly a fuel for the most complex theories. Check out five scary mysteries that have not yet been solved:

5. The Mummy's Confusion

Source: Listverse / Disclosure

In 2000, Middle Eastern countries battled for possession of what they believed to be the mummified remains of a 2, 600-year-old Persian princess. However, researcher Ahmad Dani did not believe the story. Studies have shown that the sarcophagus where the mummy was was not of the suggested age. In the end, it turned out that the body was actually an unknown 21-year-old woman who died in 1996 when her neck was broken. The perpetrator and how the body got in that situation are still mysteries.

4. The death of Dutch students

Source: Listverse / Disclosure

During a trip to Panama, students Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers disappeared on a trek along the Baru volcano. The dog they had brought home alone, which alerted the hosts. Only after 10 weeks did the police have access to a blue bag with their belongings. The record of the cell phones found shows that the victims tried to call the emergency 77 times, to no avail. Also found were photos of the scattered young girls' belongings and a bruise on Kris's head. After two months, DNA tests done on bones found in the woods proved their death. In 2014, the deaths were publicly declared accidental.

3. The mysterious wanderer

Source: Listverse / Disclosure

The mysterious rituals of a homeless man known as Leatherman drew attention wherever he went. Once a month, he walked 580 kilometers between the Hudson and Connecticut rivers. In modest clothes and wooden shoes, he hardly talked to anyone and liked to sleep in caves or forests, but he never spent more than a few minutes within four walls. As a beggar, passing by establishments he asked for food, but his fervent appetite surprised everyone around. He is reported to have been able to eat superhuman amounts while standing in front of the door. For 30 years the press has followed Leatherman's footsteps and its mysterious rituals. However, their real name, age and place of birth remain unknown.

2. The bottomless hole

Source: Listverse / Disclosure

In 1997, a man known as Mel Waters reported on Coast to Coast AM radio that a mysterious hole had appeared on his property in Kittitas County, Washington. According to him, the hole would be more than 24, 000 meters deep, in addition to the power to resurrect dead animals. Waters also said the government would have expropriated his land and banked its transfer to Australia. After newspapers reported that no one named Mel Waters lived in that region, he gained a reputation as an unstable man. But in 2008, healer Red Elk said he knew the hole and that it could set fire to ice. According to him, the hole once cooked a live sheep. Mel Waters's real identity and the location of the alleged hole are still mysteries.

1. Poisoning in Titanic

Source: Listverse / Disclosure

On the last day of the filming of the movie Titanic, director James Cameron felt disoriented and started to get sick. As she began to vomit, she realized it was serious and, upon returning to the set, found that she was not the only one with the symptoms. Several employees were throwing up, crying and laughing strangely. Things got worse at Dartmouth Hospital when one of the staff pierced Cameron's face with a pen while others climbed into wheelchairs and began to wander strangely through the hospital. Cameron himself, even injured, was laughing wildly. The explanation was in the food. By conducting expertise the medical team found that the stew consumed by more than 60 people was mixed with the potent drug PCD. The case was closed in 1999 for lack of suspects.