Discover the most unusual flavors of Pepsi soft drinks [gallery]

We have already shown here a list of some of the strangest drinks in the world. However, we know that Pepsi is one of the top brands to invest in bizarre flavors to win over their customers.

Taste is not disputed and certainly these drinks are successful in the countries where they are launched, if only among the most curious. The list of unusual soft drinks launched by the brand is extensive and goes far beyond what we have selected here.

Check out 10 weird soda flavors released by Pepsi and share your thoughts in the comments. Which of these flavors would you like to taste and which would you not have the courage to try?

1) Pepsi Ice Cream (Russia)

Image Source: Playback / Buzzfeed

Everything indicates that the company has invested in the flavor and creaminess of the ice cream to create an unusual flavor.

2) Pepsi Cappuccino (Russia and Romania)

Image Source: Reproduction / Pepsi Co.

Would you like a cup of coffee and a serving of milk with your soda?

3) Pepsi Salty Watermelon (Japan)

Image Source: Reproduction / Pepsi Co.

Despite having the word "salty" in its name, the tasting said that the watermelon drink is just less sweet than normal.

4) Pepsi Pink (Japan)

Image Source: Reproduction / Pepsi Co.

With an eye-catching color, Pepsi Pink's flavor is a blend of strawberry and yogurt.

5) Pepsi Azuki (Japan)

Image Source: Reproduction / Pepsi Co.

Have you ever heard of azuki beans - that grain often used in oriental cooking to make sweets? Here he got a carbonated version and turned soda.

6) Pepsi Ice Cucumber (Japan)

Image Source: Reproduction / Pepsi Co.

One of your salad items turned out to be one of Pepsi's weirdest flavors.

7) Pepsi Mont Blanc (Japan)

Image Source: Reproduction / Pepsi Co.

Mont Blanc is the name of a traditional French chestnut dessert. It was precisely the taste of nuts that the company sought to bring to the soda.

8) Pepsi Jazz (United States)

Image Source: Reproduction / Pepsi Co.

This release was a series of three sodas that included the flavors: caramel, strawberry with cream and cherry with French vanilla.

9) Pepsi Baobab (Japan)

Image Source: Reproduction / Pepsi Co.

The baobab tree is a typical African tree that bears sweet-tasting fruit with a bit of acidity. The plant served as inspiration for the creation of this soda.

10) Pepsi Shiso (Japan)

Image Source: Reproduction / Pepsi Co.

Shiso - known in Brazil as perilla - is an aromatic plant widely used in Japanese cuisine to accompany tofu or noodles.