You will not believe what is inside this hangar in Germany!

Ever wonder if you lived in a country battered by long winters accompanied by freezing temperatures and a lot of snow? Surely you would die of being able to enjoy a hot day by the beach and being able to soak your feet in crystal clear water, wouldn't you?

For as you know, Germany is among the countries that suffer from low temperatures during the winter. However, as it is not always possible to abandon everything and embark on long trips to some tropical paradise, the very efficient Germans have decided to build a small artificial paradise near Berlin. Check out:

Artificial paradise

This is Tropical Islands, a former military base hangar resort in Krausnick, a city about 60 kilometers from the German capital. Among the many attractions of the place you can find a beach with white sand, several swimming pools, water slides, a lagoon, bars and restaurants, playground and even a small rainforest.

All this is distributed in a hangar of 360 meters long, 210 wide and 107 meters high, and the temperature inside is warm 26 ° C. In addition, you can take a hot air balloon ride around the resort, watch beautiful sunrises and sunsets on a huge 130-meter screen, and even find flamingos and canaries and other animals living on site. There is also a small display with insects and spiders native to tropical regions.

Tropical Islands operates year-round - even as snow accumulates outside the hangar - and can accommodate 6, 000 visitors. The resort also offers tents for those wishing to spend the night on the “beach” and accommodation in charming inns. Here's more pictures from inside the hangar:

1 - Waterslide

2 - Internal View

3 - Playground

4 - Pools

5 - Tents

6 - Bed and Breakfast

7 - Thai Restaurant

8 - Flamingos

9 - Balloon Ride

10 - Display of tropical pets

11 - Cold ...