15 people who certainly had a much worse day than yours

Wasting time, kicking the corner of the furniture with your little finger, burning lunch, forgetting your cell phone at home, breaking the key in the door lock ... All these little events can contribute to ruin our days. However, there are people who seem likely to go through much worse situations - as if they had provoked some unlucky god and the universe was plotting against it! Anyway, we traveled a little bit in the description, but you can check out a (fun) selection of unlucky ones having bad days:

1 - Have you ever thought about waking up with such an alarm clock?

2 - Someone forgot to close the car window

3 - Revealing Parade

4 - “Stress Relief”, oh my!

5 - Little mishap at the zoo

6 - These people just wanted to feel a chill in the belly!

7 - Learning from childhood that life is full of stumbling blocks

8 - Poor owner of this car

9 - Not every day you see a flying tent

10 - This girl got a new haircut on her birthday

11 - Well done! That's where you don't respect the signs

12 - A great way to start the day

13 - When working outdoors is not a good idea

14 - The owner of these eyelashes was wearing the curvex while wandering around the house and tripped. Good thing there are false eyelashes ...

15 - And he worried about the windshield wiper ...