Mi-26 Halo: Meet the World's Largest Helicopter [video]

Transporting heavy machinery to remote locations is not a simple task. Jumbo jets, for example, solve much of this problem by taking large amounts of cargo over long distances. However, landing such airplanes requires large runways, which is not always available in small locations.

For this, another solution employed for transportation is the use of large cargo helicopters, such as the powerful Mi-26 Halo, considered the largest helicopter in the world. The vehicle is not exactly new, since it was designed by the Soviets in the 70's.

The Mi-26 Halo measures 40 meters in length and 8 meters in height. Its strength is such that the aircraft is capable of carrying 20 tons or up to 100 people. In the video above you can see the helicopter in action, carrying no less than another helicopter, the CH-47 model.