Dinosaur Park's new movie will be called Jurassic World

Universal studio has just confirmed the release date for the upcoming Jurassic Park, scheduling the film for the competitive American summer season of 2015. Not only that, but it has also defined a new production title: Jurassic Park 4 will simply be called Jurassic. World.

In the plot, the dinosaur theme park, as intended by scientist John Hammond in the original movie, is operating on Nublar Island until, of course, something goes wrong and chaos reigns there again. Rumors indicate that the script still describes a lagoon area and that we will see, for the first time, aquatic dinosaur species in the franchise.

If there is anything that strengthens this suspicion, a video of visual effects tests has crashed on the internet and shows a conceptual and action sequence of the film. The video was presented by Industrial Light & Magic as part of publicizing their digital effects projects during the Star Wars Celebration convention in Germany.

It shows a kind of dinosaur and a breathtaking attack on beachgoers. Although not officially released by the studio, the video ends with the Jurassic World logo, leaving no doubt that it is part of the new franchise project, even if the sequel does not enter the final edition.

Jurassic World will face one of the busiest summer seasons in recent years. Among the productions scheduled for the same period of 2015 are the new Avengers and Star Wars films, the anticipated Batman-Superman encounter, and the fifth Terminator.

Jurassic World will be directed by the little-known Colin Trevorrow (from "No Security No") and has Steven Spielberg in executive production.