Did you recognize these 17 references in 'Stranger Things'?

"Stranger Things" debuted less than a week ago and has already become a fever on the Internet. Netflix's new bet brings all that 1980s mood, when the kids' biggest dream was a bicycle.

The plot, which combines suspense and supernatural terror, shows a group of friends trying to find out the whereabouts of one of the boys, who mysteriously disappeared. In addition to having fun with the series, movie fans will also spend hours trying to figure out every reference in the work.

In addition to clear quotes for works such as "Star Wars" and "A Hallucinating Night: The Death of the Devil", "Stranger Things" still gives several clues and even recreates iconic scenes. Did you recognize these 17 references?

1. Assault on 13th DP and Halloween

The work of American film composer John Carpenter seems to have greatly influenced the opening theme of "Stranger Things." Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, responsible for the program's music, used all that mood and Carpenter's unmistakable synths, as in the works "Halloween" (listen here) and "Assault on the 13th DP" (listen here).

We can't help but notice that the song also closely resembles the theme of the 2013 song "Just God Forgives" by composer Cliff Martinez (listen here).

2. Alien the 8th Passenger

It is undeniable that the creature that terrified the small town of Hawkins had much inspiration in the famous Alien.


3. Poltergeist - The Phenomenon

In addition to the scenes in which Joyce can hear her son talking from within the walls of the house, as with Diane Freeling in "Poltergeist, " there is the iconic scene in which a blonde girl is drawn into the light.


4. ET - The Extraterrestrial

Children making friends with someone "outside", needing to invent disguises to deceive adults and many bicycles: can not remember "ET - The Extraterrestrial"?

ET - The Extraterrestrial

5. Amazing Trips

To elevate her psychic potential, Eleven needs to get into a sensory deprivation tank, which involves water and lots of salt. This feature is also used in the 1980 film "Crazy Travels, " when Professor Edward Jessup studies cases of schizophrenia and the manifestation of religious symbolism.

Breathtaking Trips

6. Club of Five

Early in the series, we are introduced to the teen core of the plot. How could it be otherwise, we have the pretty girl, the asshole heartthrob, the nerd and the weirdo.

Club of Five

7. Blow-Up - After That Kiss

The scene in which Jonathan makes some photographic records of Nancy and Barb and later discovers that he also photographed the creature may refer to the work "Blow-up - After That Kiss" in which Michelangelo Antonioni takes a picture of a couple in the park. and accidentally records the scene of a murder.

Blow-Up - After That Kiss

8. Indiscreet Window and Body Stuntman

Just before Jonathan takes Barb's last shot, he takes some pictures of Nancy out the window while the young woman takes off her shirt. The scene resembles the movie "Body Stuntman" and the classic "Indiscrete Window".

Indiscrete Window and Body Stuntman

9. Immediate Third Degree Contacts

When electrician Roy Neary experiences immediate third-degree contact and witnesses what appeared to be a police pursuit of UFOs, his fascination with the subject drives him wild. He builds the model of a mountain that does not go out of his mind, not caring about the welfare of his family. Likewise, Joyce measures no consequences by trying to communicate with her son by painting letters on the walls, hanging hundreds of light bulbs, and even knocking over a piece of the wall.

Immediate Contacts of Third Degree

10. Flames of Revenge

Did all this association of psychic powers with nosebleeds come from the movie "Flames of Revenge"? There are also scenes where little Charlie appears with brain sensors during some experimental tests. Ah! And we can not fail to mention that the film is based on the book "The Incendiary" by Stephen King.

Flames of vengeance

Flames of vengeance

11. The Goonies

Although the drama experienced by friends of "Stranger Things" is unmatched by the plot of "The Goonies, " the mood between the boy groups and the mood is very similar.

The Goonies

12. Account with Me

In both films there are four boys who go on a journey and have to deal with death.

Count on me

13. Shark

Like the predator of "Shark", the creature of "Stranger Things" also finds its victims through blood.


14. The Nightmare Time

Every time Eleven goes to the "other side, " or the "inverted world, " she becomes vulnerable to the dark-living creature and needs a person to pull her back to reality. It's more or less the same concept as "Nightmare Hour, " in which Freddy Krueger attacks teens in their dreams.

The nightmare time

15. Fatal Games

Just as no one can gain access to the Hawkins Department of Energy in "Fatal Games, " a government building is disguised as a medical facility when in fact it is a secret plutonium refining laboratory.

Fatal Games

16. They Live

The fight between Jonathan and Steve in an alley is a tribute to Roddy Piper's protracted fight with Keith David in "They Live."

They live

17. Videodrome - The Video Syndrome

The almost nonexistent barrier between the real world and the inverted is very similar to that of the movie "Videodrome - The Video Syndrome."

Videodrome - The Video Syndrome

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