Fashion Rio: beauty trends for summer 2013

Lenny, Totem and 2nd Floor. Source: Press Release - Fotosite Agency

After checking out what you can't miss in your wardrobe in the summer, according to Fashion Rio, now it's time to see what you need to have in your bag to keep up with the trends. Prepare the brown eyeshadow, illuminator and lip moisturizer: They promise to be a success in the next heat season.

For summer 2013, Rio de Janeiro fashion week bet on the concept of “beautiful naturally”. The intention is to look like you don't have to wear anything to look beautiful, but the skin is prepared with base, bronze or pink blush, lip moisturizer and illuminator.

In this concept, the brown shadow appears as an ally to demarcate the concave look, while the terracotta blush gives the tan touch. The eyeliner and white shadow, hitherto forgotten in the drawer, resurface to open and brighten the look. For a night make-up, it is even possible to abuse the golden eyeshadow, which also constantly appeared on the catwalk.

However, those who like color need not be sad: pink lipsticks and brightly colored eyeshadows made their way on the Fashion Rio catwalk, forming vibrant looks.

For the hair, it is worth leaving the straight strands, with natural look and lateral stripe. For more elaborate productions, it is possible to abuse tufts (very tall or discreet) and braids to form prisoners with a classic touch.

Check out the beauty highlights of the carioca fashion week and prepare the look for the hot season.

From catwalks to everyday life

Alessa and Agatha. Source: Press Release - Fotosite Agency

Fashion Rio 2013 has shown that catwalk looks need not necessarily be difficult to reproduce. Several brands have bet on makes that can be used on a daily basis, which only enhance the skin and nothing else. The important thing is to ensure a healthy and bright look with the help of the right products.

And that's not just the case with make: Agatha, for example, took to the fashion show models with very naturally loose, slightly wavy hair, showing that the hair can get some time off from the dryer every now and then. Salinas also showed high coke options that can be strung out, giving it a fresh look.

For the skin, the formula is to hide imperfections, create a brightening point, give a touch of blush and match neutral lips. Agatha also bet on this idea, as did the Maritime Company.

Brighten the look

Coven, Agatha and Daughters of Gaia. Source: Press Release - Fotosite Agency

To prepare for summer, it is good to go by removing the white shade or the eyeliner of this color from the bottom of the drawer. At Fashion Rio, these two products appeared to brighten the eyes and enhance the natural look. Thus, the look gets a soft and light look that combines with the heat.

The makeup artist Helder Rodrigues bet on this concept for the production of the parade of Filhas de Gaia. The models appeared with the concave marked with brown eyeshadow and white eyeliner to accompany the delicate skin. It's also worth using color on the waterline, as Daniel Hernandez did for Coven.

The pearlescent illuminator also gained prominence in this carioca fashion season, being used mainly in the inner corner of the eyes, to illuminate the region. This trend was used by brands such as Agatha, Maritime Company, Maria Bonita Extra and Patachou.

Brown eyeshadow

Fashion Space, New Order and Cia Maritime. Source: Press Release - Fotosite Agency

If you don't have a brown eyeshadow yet, you better guarantee yours. It may have a matte, shimmering or metallic finish, but the important thing is always to have the color at hand, because at Fashion Rio she was one of the main trends.

You can use the shade to demarcate the concave during the day, accompanied by black eyeliner for an evening look or combined with golden versions to ensure shine. The metallic tone, incidentally, also appeared constantly in the carioca fashion week, applied to the entire eyelid or just close to the eyelashes. New Order, Maritime Company and Oh, Boy! bet on the gold in your make.

However, for all occasions, the highlight will still be the brown shade. It can also be used to demarcate the lower lashes, creating a sophisticated look, as in Oh, Boy !. Designer brands like Espaço Fashion, Poko Pano and Totem also used the trend in their presentations.

Colored eyeshadow

Aüslander, TNG and Tryia. Source: Press Release - Fotosite Agency

It was not only the naturalness of the brown that appeared on the carioca catwalk to color the eyelids. Darker shades, such as turquoise and orange, were the stakes of some brands, such as Coca Cola Clothing and TNG, that even went beyond the concave line, causing the shades to reach the eyebrows. For some, gambling may encourage the return of make neon.

There were even bolder marks. Aüslander, for example, created golden molds to outline eyebrows and eyelids. Each model wore a different style, which was accompanied by light tanned skin, mask and pink lipstick.

Tryia also went further by creating a colorful mosaic around the entire eye region. Make was signed by Max Weber, who used opaque shades to build the effect. To complement the production in a balanced way, he corrected and only moisturized the skin and lips.

Stained or tanned skin

Blue Man and Oh, Boy! Source: Press Release - Fotosite Agency

The skin may even be made up quite naturally, but it will not be possible to give up the touch of blush in summer productions. You can choose from colors such as terracotta for tan or pink versions if you want to get a healthy look. It is noteworthy that the first tone fits better in the darkest skins.

The news is not only in colors, but also in how to apply them. Rather than resorting to the traditional “pout” trick to mark the right region of brush strokes, practitioners brushed the product high on their cheekbones and temples. To get the look right, you need to smudge the blush after application so that the look does not become heavy.

Designer brands like Herchcovitch and Blue Man featured tan looks, while TNG, Patachou and 2nd Floor preferred the rosy touch.

Hydrated Lips

Daughters of Gaia and TNG. Source: Press Release - Fotosite Agency

Those who think summer matches color may have been disappointed with most of the neutral lips that paraded down the Rio catwalk. The vibrant lipsticks were in the background to give way to the hydrated mouth, which gave the model's lips a wet look.

To achieve this effect, brands such as Canton, Tryia and New Order have resorted to lip balm that, it seems, can not be left out of their necessaire in the heat.

Lipstick for all tastes

Melk Z-Da and Salinas. Source: Fotosite Agency

Despite the predominance of just hydrated lips, there was still room for the emergence of some lipstick colors that promise to be successful also in the season. Among them are the red with coral touch, the pink with lilac background and the pink pulled to the grape.

Toppings range from creamy to matte, with shades tending to be fruity with a summery face. Among the brands that invested in the trend are Nica Kessler, Coven, Melk Z-Da and Salinas.

Smooth, yes!

Espaço Fashion and Melk Z-Da. Source: Press Release - Fotosite Agency

If in the last heat season wet-looking hair was successful, in summer 2013 the hair is straight, with shine and movement. Thus, it is worth betting on products that keep the hair healthy, because it will be in a few months.

You can leave the strands brushed or wavy, but the important thing is to bet on the side stripe, style that was recurring in the show of various brands, such as Coca Cola Clothing, Melk Z-Da, Poko Pano and Space Fashion. The naturalness of the wires combines with the simple beauty of the makes, composing a light appearance for the hot season.

Stripped Coke

Oh, Boy! Daughters of Gaia and Canton. Source: Fotosite Agency

In winter, coke has appeared on the Brazilian catwalks in various brands, and it seems that the trend will continue upwards also in summer. At Fashion Rio, the style appeared wired out of place, but make no mistake about the stripped air: the locks were designed so that the “drop” effect was achieved.

Among the brands that bet on cokes, it is worth mentioning Oh, Boy !, who brought versions stuck with toothpicks, as if the models were geisha, to the catwalk. Another highlight goes to the Daughters of Gaia, where the wires were tied into a low loop-shaped bun.

The braids are back

Balcony, Estudio and Nica Kessler. Source: Press Release - Fotosite Agency

A few seasons ago, braids were high among hair styles. In summer 2012, they should be back on the streets, in built-in versions and as a way to make their hair stuck more elegant.

In the Nica Kessler and Sacada brands, the braids appeared accompanied by bun, with threads split in half. They were on the sides, down to the tips.

The brand The Studio also bet on the style, but in deconstructed version and with textured threads.

Tuft on the rise

Andrea Marques and Herchcovitch. Source: Press Release - Fotosite Agency

Most of the brands that paraded Fashion Rio went in the fifties to get inspiration for the beauty of fashion shows. The tufts have invaded the catwalk and promise to hit the streets next summer.

In Herchcovitch's brand, the hair appeared textured and with very voluminous tufts. Coca Cola Clothing featured men's models with the style, while Lenny chose lower, gel-produced tufts.

Another brand entering the trend was Andrea Marques, where the hairstyle was combined with very straight and natural hair, to ensure femininity to the look.

From the trends you can see that summer will be democratic for beauty. Now, just choose your favorite looks and enjoy the warmth with style.