The internet doesn't know how to deal with the spider that killed a rat to eat

A video that is only a few seconds long is making web surfers across the country afraid to sleep at night. The pictures show a Sparassidae spider carrying its dinner - that day she got along and snapped no less than a mouse!

The footage shows the "pet" dragging its victim through a refrigerator, and since it was released, the video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and has gone viral. The recording was made in Australia.

During the registration, one man asks what the spider will do to the rat, and then another man comments, "Man, that's very cool!" “That's why I keep these spiders on my roof, ” said a netizen. In fact, it seems like a good way to keep rats from approaching - the question is, you have to be very brave enough to have such an arachnid at home, don't you think?